You have probably heard this word before. It has become synonymous with a program designed to maximize the value of your home by completing certain improvements prior to listing it. This is something we have always done, whether with a fancy name or just by calling it “listing prep.” 


How do we do it?

At District Homes, we have an array of options in our toolkit. From a light-touch approach to a larger remodel, we will work with you and make recommendations that, based on our experience, we know will yield a higher return on your investment. Sometimes that means refinishing floors, sometimes just painting and staging … sometimes we recommend more expensive upgrades such as bathroom remodels or kitchen-counter replacements.
At District Homes, we have several ways to prepare your house for the market and maximize the sales price.
Think of it like getting into a good college: We first decide what to do, then we figure out how to finance it! We have several products and options we can offer, from financing the whole project with 0% interest, to delaying some payments until the close of escrow, we will work with your schedule, your budget and your best interest at heart, always.
Whatever your needs, we will advise you on how to maximize your sales price.

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