Listing Prep Considerations

Terri White April 22, 2024

You may have noticed that in our East Bay market, most homes have some level of preparation before being presented to the market. Not every home needs extensive work before being listed. But for some homes, the benefit is clear. 

If you are considering selling, it is important to look at a couple of factors to guide your decision for whether or not to do prep work, and what the right prep work should be to get the best return on your investment.  

Firstly, statistics show most buyers (over 80%) are attracted to move-in ready homes. Homes that photograph well include a modern neutral pallet with natural elements, and lots of natural light. Since nearly 99% of buyers start their journey online, our professional photos will draw a buyer out to see the house in person, and a well-prepped home will let them fall in love with it. 

It’s also important to consider the most likely buyer. By getting a clear vision on what buyers will be drawn to, we can help you craft a plan to meet both their needs, and yours. For example, if the most likely buyer is a busy young family who needs space for children, and a yard that’s friendly and inviting, they will place a lot of value on a home that is move-in ready with easy outdoor access. Other homes may speak more to an older generation who values one-level-living that is easy to access and maintain.

Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, some landscaping, or staging, it wouldn’t make sense to invest in market preparation if it didn’t bring a return on that investment in spades. We want our sellers to reap a three-times return on any prep investment. And we have always found a way for our sellers to finance the work. Whether you have the funds available, or if we bring in a partner with our concierge program for a no-cost financing option, money has never gotten in the way for our clients who want to prepare their home to attract the most buyers in the market.

Either way, we have a great team of tried and true professionals to help you meet your prep goals, quickly and at a reasonable price, to make your house shine.

If you are curious what this could look like for your home, we are happy to meet you and explore the possibilities!

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